Let’s explore a conversation between two friends who learn about listicles and how-to’s and why they’re popular formats for driving traffic to a blog.

Gal Normal

Hey there! Have you heard about listicles and how-tos?

Geek Curious

No, what are they?

Gal Smiling

Listicles are articles that present information in the form of a list, like '10 Ways to Save Money.' How-tos are step-by-step guides on how to do something, like 'How to Bake a Cake.'

Geek Eager

Oh, I get it! So, why are they popular for driving traffic?

Why Listicles and How-tos Drive Traffic

Gal Explaining

Great question! Listicles are popular because they're easy to read and digest. They provide quick, valuable information to readers in a concise format.

Geek Nodding

That makes sense. And how-tos?

Gal Encouraging

How-tos are popular because they help readers solve a problem or learn a new skill. They provide clear, actionable steps that readers can follow, which makes them very useful.

Geek Happy

Got it! I can see why they're popular blog post formats. Can you give me some examples?

Examples of Listicles and How-tos

Gal Ready

Sure! A listicle could be something like '7 Tips for Better Sleep' or '5 Essential Tools for Gardening.' A how-to could be 'How to Change a Flat Tire' or 'How to Make Homemade Ice Cream.'

Geek Laughing

Haha, I could definitely use some better sleep! And homemade ice cream sounds delicious!

Gal Wondering

I'm glad you like the examples! So, do you think you'll try using listicles and how-tos for your blog?

Geek Determined

Definitely! I can see how these formats can attract more readers and make my content more engaging.


Now you know about listicles and how-to’s and why they’re popular blog post formats for driving traffic. Give them a try and watch your blog grow! 😃