Discover how to write captivating titles and descriptions for your YouTube videos by following this humorous conversation between a friendly gal and a curious geek.

Gal Smiling

Let's start with writing compelling titles and descriptions for your YouTube videos!

Geek Eager

Oh, I'm ready! Teach me, wise one! 😁

Gal Explaining

A good title should be both interesting and informative . It should make viewers want to click and watch your video.

Geek Nodding

Got it! So, no clickbait, right?

Gal Encouraging

Exactly! Be honest, but also make it intriguing. Also, don't forget to include your main keyword in the title!

Geek Amazed

Keyword in the title, huh? Sounds like a secret sauce!

Gal Proud

It helps with SEO! Now, for the description, start with a brief summary of your video content.

Geek Wondering

How brief are we talking?

Gal Ready

Aim for 2-3 sentences. Then, you can add more details, links, and even a call-to-action !

Geek Laughing

So, my description should be like a mini movie trailer, but without spoilers? 🤣

Gal Happy

You got it! Keep it engaging and helpful for both viewers and search engines.


Now you know the basics of writing compelling titles and descriptions for your YouTube videos. Put these tips into practice and watch those views roll in! 😃