Gal Normal

I'm ready to start programming! What should I do first?

Geek Curious

A great first step is to create a "Hello, World!" program. It's a simple program that prints "Hello, World!" on the screen.

Gal Happy

Sounds fun! Let's do it!

Geek Smiling

Alright! We'll write a "Hello, World!" program using Python.

Step 1: Opening a Text Editor

Gal Eager

So, where should I write the program?

Geek Nodding

You can use any text editor, like Notepad or Visual Studio Code, to write your Python code.

Step 2: Writing the “Hello, World!” Program

Gal Determined

I've opened my text editor. What should I type?

Geek Encouraging

Type the following line of code to create your "Hello, World!" program:

print("Hello, World!")

Step 3: Saving the Program

Gal Proud

I wrote the code! What should I do next?

Geek Smiling

Great job! Now save the file with a ".py" extension, like "". This tells the computer it's a Python program.

Step 4: Running the Program

Gal Excited

I saved the file! How can I see my "Hello, World!" message?

Geek Ready

Open a terminal, navigate to the folder where you saved the file, and type the following command to run the program:



Hello, World!
Gal Amazed

Wow! It worked! I just wrote my first program!

Geek Happy

Congratulations! You're officially a programmer now! 😄


You’ve just created your first “Hello, World!” program in Python! This is a big step in your programming journey. Keep practicing and learning, and you’ll become a great programmer! 🚀