• Introduction We’ve covered JSX and rendering elements in React. Now it’s time to dive into Expressions in JSX. JSX allows us to embed JavaScript expressions within our code, making it even more powerful! Let’s explore this topic with the help of our two characters, Geek and Gal.
Gal Normal

Ready to learn about embedding expressions in JSX?

Geek Curious

Definitely! How do we do that?

Gal Happy

It's super easy! You just wrap the JavaScript expression in curly braces {} within your JSX code!

  • Expressions in JSX
Gal Pleased

For example, let's say you want to display the sum of two numbers. You can embed the expression right inside the JSX like this:

const a = 5;
const b = 3;
const element = <h1>The sum of {a} and {b} is {a + b}!</h1>;
Geek Happy

Oh, I get it! So we use curly braces to insert JavaScript expressions within JSX code!

Gal Happy

Exactly! You can use any valid JavaScript expression, including variables, functions, and arithmetic operations!

  • Hilarious Expression Example
Geek Curious

Can we have a hilarious example using expressions in JSX?

Gal Pleased

Sure! Let's create a silly math problem using JSX and expressions!

const num1 = 7;
const num2 = 2;
const sillyMath = num1 * num2 - (num1 + num2);
const element = (
    What's {num1} times {num2} minus the sum of {num1} and {num2}? It's{' '}
    {sillyMath}! 🤪
Geek Happy

Haha, that's so funny! Expressions in JSX are awesome and versatile!

Gal Happy

I'm glad you're having fun! Remember, practice makes perfect! 😄

  • Conclusion Embedding expressions in JSX is a powerful feature that allows us to include JavaScript logic within our React components. Just wrap any valid JavaScript expression in curly braces {} to use it within your JSX code. Keep exploring and enjoy the flexibility that JSX offers! 😃