In this chapter, we’ll learn how to upload your manuscript and cover on KDP. Follow the conversation between our geek and gal to understand the process.

Gal Excited

Alright! The first step to publishing your book on KDP is uploading your manuscript and cover. 📚

Geek Curious

Sounds good! How do I do that? 🤔

Gal Explaining

It's easy! Let's go through it step by step. 😊

Geek Ready

I'm all ears! 🐰

Step 1: Prepare your files

Gal Encouraging

First, make sure your manuscript and cover files are ready. Your manuscript should be in a format like Word, PDF, or ePub.

Geek Nodding

Got it! And what about the cover? 🎨

Gal Proud

The cover should be a high-quality image file, like a JPEG or TIFF. Make sure it stands out and looks great!

Geek Smiling

My cover is amazing, just like me! 😎

Step 2: Go to your KDP Bookshelf

Gal Determined

Next, sign in to your KDP account and go to your Bookshelf. Click on "Create a new title." 📖

Geek Eager

I'm there! What's next? 🚀

Step 3: Upload your manuscript and cover

Gal Explaining

Now, you'll see sections for uploading your manuscript and cover. Click "Upload eBook Manuscript" and select your manuscript file.

Geek Amazed

It's uploading! What about the cover? 🤩

Gal Encouraging

Click "Upload eBook Cover" and select your cover file. Make sure it looks perfect!

Geek Laughing

I just realized my cover has a cat wearing glasses! 🐱👓


Gal Pleased

Great job! Now your manuscript and cover are uploaded to KDP. You're one step closer to becoming a published author! 🌟

Geek Happy

Thank you! I can't wait to see my book on Kindle! 🥳

Now you know how to upload your manuscript and cover on KDP. Keep up the great work on your publishing journey! 😃