Choosing the right topic for your book is crucial for its success. Our geek and gal are back to help you find the perfect topic for your KDP journey. Let’s see how they do it!

Gal Eager

To write a book, you need a topic that excites you and captures the interest of your readers. Are you ready to brainstorm?

Geek Excited

Absolutely! Where do we start?

Passion and Knowledge

Gal Encouraging

Start with your passions and expertise. What do you love, and what do you know a lot about?

Geek Proud

I love tech gadgets and I know a lot about them!

Gal Smiling

Great! That's a good starting point.

Research Trends and Popular Genres

Gal Explaining

Next, research trends and popular genres to understand what readers are currently interested in.

Geek Curious

How do I do that?

Gal Determined

You can check bestseller lists, online forums, or social media trends to see what's popular.

Find Your Unique Angle

Gal Amazed

Now that you know your passions and what's popular, it's time to find a unique angle that sets your book apart from others.

Geek Wondering

What could be my unique angle?

Gal Laughing

How about "Tech Gadgets for Time Travelers: A Guide to 21st Century Technology"? 😄

Geek Surprised

Wow, that's a fun idea! I love it!


Choosing a topic for your book involves discovering your passions, researching trends, and finding a unique angle. With the right topic, you’ll create a book that both you and your readers will love. Good luck on your KDP journey! 📚