Ready to learn about KDP policies and requirements? Our friendly gal and geek are back to explore these crucial aspects of publishing on Kindle. Let’s dive in!

Gal Normal

Now that you've signed up for a KDP account, let's talk about KDP policies and requirements.

Geek Curious

Sounds important! What do I need to know?

Gal Smiling

It's crucial to understand the rules before publishing. Let's start with content guidelines.

Content Guidelines

Gal Explaining

KDP has guidelines to ensure that the content published on their platform is appropriate. For example, they don't allow pornography, offensive content, or books promoting illegal activities.

Geek Surprised

Oh, I see. So, they want to maintain a certain standard.

Gal Nodding

Exactly! And there are also copyright and trademark rules to protect authors and their work.

Copyright and Trademark

Gal Encouraging

Make sure the content you publish is original or that you have the necessary rights to publish it. Infringing on someone's copyright or trademark could lead to legal issues.

Geek Wondering

Got it! I'll be careful with that. What about book formatting and metadata?

Book Formatting and Metadata

Gal Proud

KDP has specific formatting guidelines to ensure your book looks great on Kindle devices. We'll dive into those later. As for metadata, like your book's title, subtitle, and description, make sure they accurately represent your book's content.

Geek Nodding

Alright, I'll pay attention to that too. Anything else?

Pricing and Distribution

Gal Explaining

You can set your own book price, but there are some rules. For example, the minimum price for books under 3 MB is $0.99, and for books over 3 MB, it's $1.99. KDP also offers different royalty options, like 35% or 70%.

Geek Amazed

Wow, so many details! I'll need to study those options.

Gal Encouraging

Don't worry! You'll get the hang of it. Just make sure to read and understand KDP's policies and requirements before you publish.


There you have it! Understanding KDP’s policies and requirements is essential for a smooth publishing experience. Keep these rules in mind as you work on your book, and you’ll be well on your way to becoming a successful Kindle author. Happy writing! 📝